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Lifeline Law Advisor Insight & Commentary on Lifeline Program Compliance & Regulatory Issues

DWT Lifeline Team

Danielle Frappier, Partner
Washington, D.C.

Danielle Frappier leads the firm’s Lifeline program team, and is deeply involved in policy, legal and business matters for her clients at both the federal and state levels. She represents multiple top-10 eligible telecommunications carriers (“ETCs”). She has obtained ETC designations and assisted with regulatory compliance for clients in over twenty-five states. At the federal level, Danielle advocates for Lifeline ETCs on a daily basis before the FCC and the program administrator, USAC. Danielle is a “go to” lawyer for USAC audits of Lifeline, E-rate and High Cost disbursements, as well as audits of universal service contributions (USF fees and FCC Form 499 reporting).

Alan Galloway, Counsel

Alan Galloway brings a strong background in technology and intellectual property to the firm, with research and litigation experience in the areas of patent law, telecommunications, antitrust, copyright, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, free speech, defamation, and electronic privacy. Alan is a former software engineer with substantial experience in Web-based software development and mobile applications. He has experience in litigation regarding software patents and software development disputes.

Paul B. Hudson, Partner
Washington, D.C.

Paul Hudson focuses on digital rights management, telecommunications convergence, and competition policy, including next-generation cable architecture and set-top box issues. He represents cable service providers and competitive telecommunications carriers on regulatory and contract matters before the Federal Communications Commission, state public service commissions, and state and federal courts. Paul also represents numerous cable operators, with a special emphasis on small and medium-size operators.


RahimicTajma_lowTajma Rahimic, Associate
Washington, D.C.Tajma Rahimic focuses her practice on telecommunications law. She advises on regulatory and transactional matters pertaining to the wireless and cable industries. Tajma has worked in both the public and private communications sectors, serving as an intern for the Federal Communications Commission, PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, and Comcast. She also counsels clients on complex litigation matters, including class actions, in addition to privacy and security issues.

Christopher W. Savage, Partner
Washington, D.C.

Chris Savage focuses on helping telecom, cable and Internet companies navigate the heavily regulated communications industry. He negotiates complex agreements related to interconnected networks, litigates disputes for wired and wireless communications companies arising under those agreements and under state and federal communications laws, and helps shape and interpret state and federal communications regulatory rules and policies.

Adam Shoemaker, Associate
Washington, D.C.

Adam Shoemaker focuses on the legal and regulatory needs of communications clients, particularly eligible telecommunications carriers (“ETCs”) before the Federal Communications Commission and state public utility commissions. He has drafted and filed designation petitions and advocacy comments throughout the country for wireless ETCs seeking to participate in the Lifeline program, which helps provide telephone service to low-income Americans. As a part of the firm’s Lifeline program team, Adam has wide experience in assisting ETC clients navigate the complex rules and practical realities associated with the Lifeline program at the state and federal levels. Adam’s broadband experience includes a key role on a grant-writing team whose multimillion dollar proposal would create a broadband Internet infrastructure in American Samoa funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


James M. Smith, Of Counsel
Washington, D.C.

Jim Smith centers his practice in telecommunications and government relations. A telecommunications industry veteran, Jim has over 30 years of experience as an attorney, industry association leader and communications company executive. He not only advises clients on complex regulatory issues, but has developed policies and influenced laws and regulations impacting the industry.

Suzanne K. Toller, Partner
San Francisco

Suzanne Toller‘s work includes representing communications clients, with an emphasis on wireless companies, before the FCC and state public utility commissions. She advises clients on a broad range of regulatory and legal matters and develops public policy positions and legislative strategy on telecommunications issues. Suzanne also represents clients in local permitting actions and in civil litigation, in matters ranging from wireless cell site construction to breach of contract.

James W. Tomlinson, Counsel
Los Angeles

James Tomlinson is a core member of DWT’s Lifeline program team, which advises eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) on a wide variety of legal and business operational issues involving the federal Lifeline program. Jim regularly assists top-10 ETCs and smaller carriers obtain state and federal ETC designations; respond to audits and regulatory inquiries, maintain regulatory compliance and advocate their positions with key Lifeline decision-makers at the FCC.

Mark Trinchero, Partner


Mark Trinchero focuses on telecommunications, representing clients before state and local regulatory agencies and legislative bodies in various states, and before the FCC. His clients include traditional wireless and wireline carriers, providers of wireless and fiber-based broadband service, and cable telephony companies. Mark conducts administrative litigation, including rulemakings, investigations, complaints, compliance filings and enforcement proceedings. He also lobbies on behalf of client interests before the Oregon state Legislature.


Tanea Foglia, Client Service & Business Strategy Manager
Washington, D.C.

Tanea Foglia has extensive experience advising on the federal Universal Service Fund’s (USF) programs. At DWT, Tanea assists clients with various federal and state regulatory matters related to these areas as well as other telecommunications and video compliance topics. Tanea spent 10 years at the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), where, among other things, she advised on relevant federal and state issues and served as the programmatic point of contact for audits and outreach. More recently she was Manager of Regulatory Affairs at John Staurulakis, Inc. (JSI), where she assisted rural wireline and wireless companies in various federal and state regulatory matters, including USF rule implementation, compliance filings and appeals.


Cathleen Schultz, Paralegal
Washington, D.C.

Cathleen Schultz is a paralegal with in-depth experience with the E-rate program and a deep understanding of the compliance issues surrounding the program.  She regularly assists service providers and school districts navigate the complexities of the funding application process, program eligibility criteria, and PIA reviews. She has also been extensively involved in preparing successful appeals of E-rate funding denials in cases before the USAC and the FCC.